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Julius Rutherfoord & Co is finding its ethical approach to service delivery is finding favour with its clients and the FM industry

Julius Rutherfoord & Co reports that it undertook a survey amongst its 170 London-based clients to understand the most important factors in choosing a cleaning service provider, with flexibility and sustainability overwhelmingly coming out on top.

“The 2020 pandemic has driven home the fact that the unexpected is to be expected. There are currently known risks from: rising interest rates; escalating energy prices; the risk of recession; escalation of the war in Ukraine; the effects of global warming; the constantly changing labour market; the constant threat of cyber-attacks; the return, or the mutation, of COVID and supply side disruption,” says JR&Co managing director Chris Jarvis.

These risks deliver a degree of uncertainty, which combined with the question ‘Does your office meet employees’ evolving needs?’ means that FM teams are having to respond to working practices agreed between employees and bosses.

“It would be a fair assessment that bosses, including high profile ones like Elon Musk and Tim Cook are adamant that the office working environment is best, while perhaps unsurprisingly their employees are more interested in a work-life balance. While unemployment is currently very low, it is the employees who hold the balance of power, but if any of the risks outlined above escalate, the balance of power might shift.

“Property experts, Cushman & Wakefield, research indicates the hybrid work model is here to stay. Not only do employees across industries want hybrid solutions, but their reasons for going to the office have shifted to be about socialization, collaboration, connection, and to achieve work-life balance,” Mr Jarvis concludes.

The company further states that it feels it is no longer acceptable for cleaning to be conducted using harsh acidic or alkaline cleaning chemicals. It finds that progress in technology means that, to achieve the best all-around results, it is imperative to use biodegradable and non-hazardous products.

The use of these products means JR&Co can deliver an outstanding service without causing detriment to its clients’ building assets. To support this mantra, it has made a commitment to solely use products that are safe and non-hazardous

but support its teams in delivering the premium standards it has become known for. It is additionally working in collaboration with waste management partner First Mile in the operation of a zero waste to landfill policy. JR&Co has also recorded a 33% reduction in its carbon emissions over the last three years, easily surpassing its target of 15%.

Those wishing to find out more about the company and its sustainability achievements can call JR&Co on 020 7819 6700 or browse its website: