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Welcome to the first issue of FM Director magazine, the new monthly magazine for senior personnel working in all areas of our wide-ranging industry.

The launch of the magazine represents another significant development for the FM Business Daily brand, as it continues on its journey to create a community of industry professionals, with the overall aim of becoming a valuable business facilitator.

Having joined the company last month, I’m delighted to report that my faith and respect for our industry has been further supported by the long list of positive responses received during conversations with both existing and new contacts.

Further evidence of the enthusiastic response can be seen throughout the following pages, which include interviews with leading industry service providers, FMs and consultants working in all areas.

Perhaps this is most evident within our two main features, particularly for Net Zero Carbon Emissions (see p16 of this issue), for which we’ve published an additional online version.

Although we extended the space allocated to the feature, we’ve still been unable to incorporate all responses and have created the online version to include everyone and this will also be featured in our daily newsletter service on and within our company LinkedIn group.

Our features list for the rest of this year will be followed by the 2023 plan in the near future

We’re continuing to engage with senior professionals in all areas of FM, which is providing us with increasing levels of enthusiasm for future issues of this magazine, while further extending our coverage of the long list of major topics and areas of interest.

I’d like to say a personal thank you to all our interviewees in this issue, including Sodexo’s Sean Haley and LVHM FM’s Darren Steer, for their enthusiastic and generous support.

In addition to personal interviews, more case study articles are being discussed and I very much hope that the example of our first article, which provides an instance of the FM operations of the Middle Temple estate in London (see page 26), will be followed by many others in the months and years ahead.
Our features list for the rest of this year will be followed by the 2023 plan in the near future, please contact me for further details of this and any editorial aspect. My colleagues Cheryl Ellerington and Martin Stead, both of whom are well known by many within our industry, are the main contacts for commercial conversations.

We also plan to publish special features and supplements on an increasingly regular basis, the details of which will be confirmed as soon as possible, and these will provide further reasons for increased engagement with industry contacts.

One of the most exciting aspects of the FM sector is its dynamism and ability to adapt, which continues to include opportunities for growth and development that have numerous positive connotations for FM clients, service providers and individuals.