Meeting the challenges of the year ahead

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Attracting the diverse and talented workforce of the future

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Meeting the challenges of the year ahead

On behalf of everyone at FM Business Daily I...


Michael Clark, director of policy and transformation at the Great British Railways Transition Team, reveals details of a new jobs board

The aim is to deliver the most ambitious changes to the UK’s railway in a generation, working with the government and across the rail sector

At the heart of creating Great British Railways (GBR) is the challenge of building a team to drive forward that vision of a simpler, better railway.

To achieve this the GBR Transition Team (GBRTT), leading reforms and creating the railway’s new guiding mind on behalf of the government, has just launched a new jobs board.
“We want to attract a diverse and talented group of people from across the rail industry and beyond to create a better railway,” said Michael Clark, director of policy and transformation at GBRTT.

Striving to improve

The website – – is where all future roles within the team will be advertised.

Michael, who previously held high-profile rail reform roles at Network Rail and the Department for Transport, said: “As part of our purpose at GBRTT, we are striving to improve equality, diversity, and inclusion in rail. We want the jobs board to be the catalyst to help us reach more talented people and build an inclusive culture across the sector.

“We want people to join us to work across our wide range of responsibilities, including to help the industry recover from the pandemic, develop a 30-year strategy for the railway, improve financial management, develop a customer-focused culture, and drive forward a programme to deliver changes to fares, ticketing, and retail.

“We’re also designing how GBR will look and operate as the railway’s guiding mind in the future.”

Bid launch

Momentum is building in the creation of GBR. An eight-week call for evidence to support a 30-year Whole Industry Strategic Plan recently closed, meanwhile last month it was revealed that 42 towns and cities have launched bids to become the new home of GBR.

“We will be releasing jobs in regular waves as our remit grows and we develop towards being the guiding mind,” said Michael.

“We’re looking for people from different backgrounds and skillsets, from commercial to operational, project to policy and more.

“We want people who can take ownership, work collaboratively, and want to embrace new opportunities. Above all we want people with a passion for making the railways better.

“In return, we offer the opportunity to work on one of the biggest transformation projects in the country, to help shape the future of the railways as we design it, and to work alongside talented people from across all parts of the industry and beyond.

“Joining GBRTT will be career-enhancing – a unique chance to be part of the team delivering generational change to one of our nation’s vital industries and doing so for the benefit of everyone in Britain.”